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Digital Detox Vacations: Dream Trip or Personal Nightmare?:

I have been cleaning over the New Years holiday season and came across this advertisement for a book to promote tourism in Japan. It ad appeared in ‘The Japan Times, Aug 20th, 2011.’ Would like to know if it was successful in getting people to buy it?


  1. Bihoku F1 Racing Track
  2. Takahashi Castle
  3. Takahashi River
  4. Takahashi Samurai Houses

AMAZING PIXS that show off the BEAUTY of these cities;

  1. around Takahashi City
  2. around Niimi City
  3. around Kurashiki City
  4. around Okayama City
  5. around Bizen City
  6. around Setouchi City
  7. around Tsuyama City
  8. around Soja City

Bitchu Kokubunji Pagoda - the last 5 storey pagoda to be built in Japan.